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Meet Gen Leggett | Co-creator, Nature’s Playbook App

Shoutout SoCal recently highlighted Gen Leggett, co-creator of the Nature's Playbook App, delving

into her background and the inspiration behind our app's creation.

"Going back about twelve years ago, I was on a trip to Carmel in with my husband. It was there that I came up with the idea of developing a visual system that would allow me and others to discover the best outdoor recreational locations and activities in an area. Up until that time, I was frustrated at being in a new place and the difficulty I had in finding places to explore," Gen shares. "Everything I saw online was data-forward and provided me no emotional tie to connect to places. I didn’t know people in the areas, so I often relied on a concierge from the hotels we stayed at for advice, which usually was subpar. It was then that I dreamed up a video atlas. I knew that if I could see the places and experiences of others, I would have that intuitive connection to discern which places to go to and explore."

"The idea percolated and I launched a website a couple of years later," she says. "However, the technology wasn’t quite there yet, as it proved too time-consuming for users to upload videos. In the fall of 2020, my daughter Peyton (then a senior at the University of Colorado) approached me to try again and help build out my dream for the New Venture Challenge the school holds every year. Our mutual love for nature led us to develop the Nature’s Playbook app, and we’ve never looked back

The article underscores Leggett's dedication to fostering a deeper connection between individuals and nature through innovative digital platforms.


READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE and don't forget to follow Gen on our app, and pay it forward by posting your next adventure.


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