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Earth Day 2024

Updated: Apr 22

Although we believe Earth Day is every day, April 22 serves as an annual reminder of our responsibility to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. It's a day to reflect on the impact of our actions and to take steps, both big and small, towards a more sustainable future.

Whether through advocacy, education, or hands-on initiatives, there are countless ways for people to get involved and make a positive difference. There are always simple ways to help like picking up trash on trails, beaches, and even in your neighborhood.

Here, we've listed a few different Earth Day campaigns where you can get involved this Earth Month.

Discover many ways to get educated and learn more about Earth Day from the primary source: Not only does the organization have many educational opportunities, but it also has events all over the world that you can join between cleanups, conversations, and even a Global Meditation for Change!

Leave No Trace is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing information about forming environmental habits in your everyday life. For Earth Day 2024, it is hosting a giveaway campaign, called Leave No Trash, for picking up trash and recording what you have collected on its website. Prizes will be awarded to more than 300 participants!

Organizations like Earth Day Network and World Cleanup Day have worked together to start global initiatives like the plastic detox challenge. We see plastic in many household items and clothes. To make a real impact on the future, the Plastic Detox Challenge asks you to limit any use of plastic today. Many companies are choosing to say no to plastic, including a company we recently partnered with for our eco-friendly beanies! Rustek Collective is a sustainable hat manufacturer in the USA that makes functional, comfortable, and fashionable hats without polyester! Learn about additional plastic-free companies and ways to minimize your plastic use by following the #plasticdetox on social media.

4) Visit Local

Check your local city website, library, and local discovery centers to find out what's happening near you. Many communities have free events and beach cleanups organized for you to join, offering a fun way to connect with others while giving back to Mother Nature.

Finally, you can download the Nature's Playbook App today on iOS to discover outdoor activities near you, pay forward experiences to others in your community, and find new ways to support local outdoor businesses! We would love to hear what you do this Earth Month, so please tag us on social or use the hashtag #NaturesPlaybookEarthDay so we can share your participation with the world, too!

Have fun and Happy Earth Day!



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