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Elevate Your Adventures and Earn SeedStakes Entries

Hey there, Vibe Tribers!


In this edition of The Navigator, we want to give some "pro" tips on how you can make your video post shine and help to pay forward an incredible experience in nature to someone else.


Your visual content, along with tips and insights, helps make nature more accessible to everyone. Remember to promote environmental stewardship, safety, and activity etiquette.


Let's make the outdoors enjoyable for all! Let’s explore how to enhance your posts and maximize seed entries for our SeedStakes. Visit for Official Rules.


Step 1


Create a post by choosing up to three 1-minute videos, each showcasing different aspects of your outdoor experience (15+ seconds ideal).


Then add your title and activity. Many times, the location will prepopulate.


By completing these steps, you'll earn 5 SEED entries for the Nature’s Playbook SeedStakes!


Step 2


Simply click on the slider to select the level of difficulty for this experience.


It is really important to add a description to paint a great picture of what you loved about your experience and share it with others.


Step 3

Enhance your post by selecting Additional Information choices, Insider Tips, and Rental Guides.


Including helpful info like Additional Information selections in the post earns you 1 additional SEED entry.


Adding a link to either Insider Tips or Rental Guides earns you 2 additional SEED entries, and providing a description under each link earns you another 1 SEED entry per description.


Happy posting!




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