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Packing Tips: Gen's Thoughts on the 3:3:3 Method

Updated: Apr 1

Hi Everyone!

I'm Gen with Nature’s Playbook, and I want to share with you a packing technique I have been using recently. You may have heard of it, it's called the 3:3:3 method. It's been a real game-changer for me in streamlining what I take along on my travels and nature adventures.

At the same time, I am providing information on a suitcase I really like. In preparation for a three-week trip I am taking, I have done research on suitcases as well as packing compression cubes.  I am sharing information on both here, and how I tweaked the 3:3:3 method a  bit to suit my needs for this particular trip. 

The 3:3:3 method, in a nutshell, means to bring three shirts, three bottoms and three pairs of shoes that you can mix and match throughout your trip. As far as my capsule, I added a couple of camisoles. They extend my wardrobe a bit, they are super lightweight, and they also are just extremely compact! So it was really worth me doing that for both versatility and packing ability. I also included a couple of workout clothing options, since they are also compact and lightweight, and it helps my day clothes last longer without a wash.  

Even with only a few shirts and pants, I was able to pack up to 28 different outfits! 

The packing cubes provide organization and make packing easier. I separated my clothing items into a few categories so I had my bathing suit and my pajamas in one cube, tops in one, bottoms in another, and finally my workout clothes in the last.

Bottoms:  I have my shorts and I have my white linen pants. I planned to wear the jeans, so I don't need to pack those here. 

Tops: I have the Pashmina Poncho, my patterned long sleeve shirt and I have my white T shirt and the black cami. I planned to wear the blue cami with a long sleeve white button down and my jeans and the brown belt. 

Workout clothes: This capsule has my white workout shirt, my dri-fit shorts and my workout pants, my workout tights/yoga pants. 

Additionally, I packed a small cosmetic bag and my toiletries and a small case (kind of like a pencil case) for my jewelry. To pack jewelry, I like to put some of the bigger items in first, and then separate my necklaces into smaller baggies so that they don't get tangled. I made a video about this using plastic bags because that is what I had available at the time and I try to reuse those as much as possible to practice “reduce, reuse, recycle”. Normally, I recommend using these compostable snack bags from Responsible Products

After putting all my clothes in the compression bags, I easily fit everything into my carry-on suitcase!

When researching suitcases, I wanted one to use for three weeks that was durable,  easy to use, and had wheels. I found my bag from Away Travel via Travel + Leisure’s blog about packing essentials, in addition to the packing cubes. I definitely recommend this suitcase (the blue one below on the left) because of the durability and functionality. Additionally, the writer recommended smaller packing cubes for toiletries, which I ordered, but did not have them in time for this trip so I will let you know how those work out in a follow- up post.

One thing I did not realize when looking into travel bags is that luggage can be sustainable too! If I had known that, I may have done more research. As luck has it, Away Travel takes steps toward sustainable solutions with a 50% recycled leather tag and using 100% recyclable shipping materials. A similar alternative is the black carry-on (above photo on the right) from Sustainable Travel and Living. This product has similar design and functionality as the Away Travel suitcase, but is made from light weight, anti-crush material that can easily be recycled at the end of its life. It is also advertised as vegan :)

For any suitcase, it is good to know how to minimize waste and get the most out of your purchase. If you do wear one out enough to the point of needing to toss it, there are recycling centers that can help you determine how to repurpose or recycle them.

I also want to share this great luggage tag from KB Vintage Designs. My friend makes these spectacular and durable luggage tags as well as purses and I couldn’t speak more highly of them. It's one of my very favorites because it just identifies with my personality, I get to choose something that I love (which is nature!), and create the design that suits me. She does really anything and you get to choose a color leather that you like and straps, the size, everything. She has used old magazines and comic books to create some beautiful, vintage items that are actually functional, and I get compliments on them ALL the time.

I'm talking her up a lot, but it's just because I think she's so great, like I just love these products. I love supporting local businesses, women owned businesses, small businesses that are creative, and have wonderful products. 

Please feel free to share with me any small businesses or product that you like to support. I'm always looking for new things to discover and there are just so many great ones out there. 

Finally, in your own travels, please don’t forget to check out Nature's Playbook! It's an awesome, free app based on all ways to connect with nature. So it's not just trails, it's not just snow sports or surfing - it is any way that you connect with nature or the outdoors, which is wonderful because we all connect in different ways. Some of us are extremely athletic and share those experiences, but others also enjoy nature in our surroundings, even if that takes minimal effort. 

At Nature’s Playbook, we greatly believe in paying it forward to somebody else through a video that shows a location and what the experience is like and includes details about the experience that you're paying forward to someone else who doesn't know the location. There are tips on things like a local cafe, where to get fish tacos, a wonderful place to have ice cream, a place you rent the gear from, or maybe you hired a guide and want to recommend a fantastic experience with them. 

There are places for links to make it a whole experience that is just so enjoyable for somebody else. So if you get a chance, download the app and pay an experience forward. It doesn't have to be something from last week, it can be in the past few years because these experiences are still very relatable, and they are useful information to give a friend and to give somebody who is new to an area.

Thanks, and have a wonderful day. I hope to see you on Nature's Playbook!

Yours truly,


“Waters clap for joy

The trees of the forest sing

Let the Earth be glad”

  • Haiku inspired by Psalm 96 & Psalm 98


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