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Who knew that the month of May was a time to celebrate so many nature holidays? Between national and international days of celebration, there are many opportunities to honor nature and share your outdoor experiences.

Here are some days to celebrate and ideas for posting on the Nature's Playbook app! Even if some of these have passed by, it is never too late to get outside and honor nature. ☺️

  1. Endangered Species Day

Join thousands of people around the world in learning about endangered species. The third Friday of every May is designated for honoring species around the world to acknowledge and understand how our impact on the environment can improve. This year you can connect with others in various locations to celebrate. Search for events near you here.

While you may not get the chance to spot an endangered species, maybe you do get to experience nature near one of their homes! Always remember to be respectful of their space, and pay forward your experience in nature by sharing what the area was like and which species to look out for there! You can scroll through an updated list of endangered and threatened animals near to you know what to look out for.

2. World Bee Day

The United Nations designated May 20 to represent World Bee Day as a reminder of the importance of pollinators and their contribution to sustainable development, despite the threats they face in our communities.

Not only do pollinators have an unbelievable impact on biodiversity and 90% of the world's wild flowering plant species, but they can actually contribute to solving world hunger! To honor this day, share an outdoor experience with some local wildflowers and describe the diversity of plants around you. 🌸🌼🌿

3. National Bike Month and Bike to Work Day

Fun fact: 40% of trips taken in the United States are less than two miles. Biking is a fun and environmentally conscious form of transportation and recreation. Plus, you get to be outside! Woohoo! Celebrate National Bike Month by choosing to ride a bike one day instead of going for a drive, or just by cruising around a local park. Pay the experience forward on the Nature's Playbook app and maybe include something that surprised you in the description!

There are many cycling groups of all levels to join, as well as initiates all over the US to better support bicycle paths and infrastructure. Discover tips, education, and more about bicycling in America here!

4. World Fish Migration Day

World Fish Migration Day (WFMD) is celebrated every two years, hosted by the World Fish Migration Foundation. Around the globe, organizations meet up with a common theme: connecting fish, rivers, and people! This day creates awareness of the significance of migratory fish, free-flowing waters, and the effect they have on our communities.

The WFMD theme for 2024 is Free-Flow! With over 600 events around the world, there may be one near you! Learn about free-flowing waters by connecting at an event, or perhaps visit a river on your own to study the creatures living underwater. Whatever you choose to do, document it on the Nature's Playbook app!

5. International Day for Biological Diversity

The UN recognizes this day to create awareness of the importance of biodiversity, and the effects that species have on each other both within an ecosystem and on other ecosystems. To help focus on a species near you, try this interactive website that discusses the domino effect of biodiversity.

A fun activity to try may be to visit a natural area around you, even if it's a local park. Think about all the different kinds of animals and plants living in that ecosystem, and what might happen if one of those species disappeared. What would the effect be on everything else in that ecosystem?

6. World Turtle Day

May 23 is a day of shellebration! Learn about how to respect and protect turtles and tortoises. Both land and sea turtles play a crucial role in maintaining habitat health and biodiversity in their respective ecosystems. Land turtles and tortoises contribute to plant diversity through seed dispersal, while sea turtles help to control jellyfish populations and help maintain healthy seagrass beds.

Turtles have been called our "Ancient Guardians of Ecosystems". To shellebrate outdoors, think about visiting one of those ecosystems. It may be as simple as finding a local pond.

Fun fact: If you see a turtle crossing the street, you may help it by sending it the same way it was going. If you put it on the side it came from, it will turn around and try to cross again.

Q: Why did the turtle cross the road?

A: I don't know, but he turtlely knew where he was headed!

Let us know how you decide to celebrate any of these nature days! We are stoked to hear from you. Happy Holi-May!


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