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Nature's Playbook Beta

Welcome to the
Nature's Playbook
beta tester information page

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Nature's Playbook is committed to create a video atlas of locations to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. We are building a collective of user content that showcases experiences and places for all people to connect with nature. 

Nature's Playbook Beta

Nature's Playbook is a video-driven app for sharing and discovering outdoor experiences. If you like to enjoy nature in any form, this app is for you. Activities on the app include: 


If interested in becoming an NP beta tester, please submit your information HERE 

  •  Hiking

  • Mountain biking

  • Skiing/Snowboarding

  • Surfing

  • Paddleboarding

  • Camping

  • Visiting State and National Parks

  • Snorkeling 

  • Chilling on a beach

  • Much much more!

Why join the beta test?

Join us in testing the functionality and design of the Outerbound app for:

  • A gift card for free coffee for making your 1st post.

  • The chance to receive a variety of cool Nature's Playbook swag

  • The opportunity to win $50 toward outdoor gear

  • PLUS! It's a chance for you to give your valuable input to shape an awesome outdoor community resource! 

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Why Join


You thrive on being outdoors and connecting to nature.

Being active outdoors contributes to your mind, body, and soul.


You get inspired by seeing other peoples experiences outdoors.

You enjoy building a bucket list of outdoor experiences and locations to explore.


You enjoy engaging in the outdoor community because you find it positive and friendly.

When you are connecting with nature, you find yourself grateful and in awe of  the ways in which you experience it.

You want others as well as future generations to also experience fullfilment in nature.


You care about the eco-systems within the natural habitats of your community.

When observing the beauty that nature brings, you feel the urge to protect it and want to find ways to do so.


You agree that having a sneak peek of different locations helps in deciding which new locations to try in your area or when traveling.
You are looking for the best places to go and the best experiences in nature, regardless of activity. 
You find yourself bouncing between too many data-forward platforms, wishing there was an easier way to sense the experience. 
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